Deprecation Policy

Effective Date: September 4, 2023

We work hard to maintain the long-term stability and usability of our Services. However, some Service features may be unavoidably deprecated. This Deprecation Policy outlines the notices and support that we will provide so that the deprecation will have minimal impact on your use of the Services.

Our Terms of Service, Service Level Agreement, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Beta Testing Policy, DMCA Copyright Policy, Trademark Notification Policy, Data Processing Addendum, Acceptable Use Policy, and Affiliate Program Policy are incorporated into this Deprecation Policy whenever applicable. Together, they form a binding contract between you and us.

Any capitalized words used but not defined in this Deprecation Policy have meanings as provided in the Terms of Service.

    1. A feature is “deprecated” when it is no longer suggested for use and will soon be retired or sunset from the Services. Most of the time, features are deprecated to give way for upgraded, optimized, enhanced, or additional functionalities. A feature may be deprecated at any time.
    2. We will not deactivate the feature that you purchased even if it has been deprecated. It will continue to be functional until its retirement date. However, new activations may not be allowed, depending on the availability of alternative solutions. You may continue to use the feature if there is an active replacement feature to migrate to by its end of life
    1. A feature is “retired” if it has reached the end of the deprecation phase and is no longer available for production use on the Services. Depending on the nature of the feature, its functionality may be entirely removed, or new functionalities may be introduced, if not already done.
    1. A feature has reached its “end of life” if it is no longer useful or usable with the Services. At that point, the feature is no longer sold, posted, supported, or maintained to be used in the Services, often in favor of a recently-developed and improved feature.
    1. We will notify you through email that a feature has been deprecated. We may also send notices to your Account administrators, through in-app notifications, community announcements, blogs or knowledge base articles, and training materials. When possible, “Deprecated” tags may appear next to the deprecated feature, inside the Services.
    2. Except in case of emergencies or insubstantial changes, we will send you the notification email no later than 3 months prior to the end of life of the feature, and 6 months of higher impact features.
    3. However, the deprecation timeline may be accelerated due to following circumstances:
      1. Essential changes, such as those needed to maintain the integrity and stability of the Services;.
      2. When a third-party software integrated to the Services is changed or becomes not available; or
      3. When changes are required to protect data security and comply with legal requirements.
    4. If an upgraded, optimized, enhanced, or additional feature is made available to replace the deprecated feature, we will notify you via email. We recommend that you immediately use the Services with the new feature. Continuing to use the deprecated features may adversely impact your use of the Services.
    5. We integrate some Services with third-party applications and features. If the integrated third-party applications and features are deprecated by their third-party providers, we cannot guarantee that the notification periods and updated functionalities that we implement will still apply.
    1. When a feature is deprecated, we may announce that we will no longer provide customer or technical support for that feature. Requests to improve deprecated features are likewise not prioritized. Nevertheless, we may offer transition support to help your system adapt with the new features and functionalities.
    1. The Services are owned and operated by RAPYD – FZCO, with business address at Premises No: DSO-THUB-G-D-FLEX-G032C, Building Name: THUB, Area Name: Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE. You may contact us by sending correspondence to the foregoing address or by emailing us at [email protected].