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The Hosting Challenge:

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Traditional hosting providers are engineered primarily for static WordPress sites like blogs or marketing pages. This one-size-fits-all approach hasn’t kept pace with the rapidly evolving landscape of the creator economy. The truth is that most hosting services leave dynamic platforms, such as online communities, memberships, e-commerce and e-learning systems, struggling to maintain performance.
The result? Customers are either stuck with slow platforms and apps or they are forced to invest in costly, custom server setups, leading to high overhead costs and complex maintenance issues.

With a dedicated design and development team led by industry veteran and lead architect Wes Tatters, we have developed a dynamically scalable hosting solution powered by bleeding-edge technology and architectural wizardry to deliver you an unparalleled hosting experience.  

What started as a challenge with BuddyBoss has evolved into Rapyd’s ongoing mission to redefine the limits of WordPress hosting, ensuring that our customers always have the best tools at their disposal. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with WordPress, offering you the high-performance hosting solution you’ve always deserved.

Unleashing Potential, Simplifying Innovation

At Rapyd, we’re not just another hosting provider. We’re your partner in innovation, breaking down barriers, and simplifying your path to success. We empower you to focus on what truly matters — building and scaling your business — while we handle the complexities of hosting.

Effortless Ease, Unlimited Possibilities

You shouldn’t need a degree in network engineering to host a high-performing website. That’s why we’ve made server management a breeze. Whether you’re a server novice or a seasoned pro, we’re with you every step of the way.

Limitless Scalability, No Punishment For Success!

You shouldn’t be punished when your business does better! With Rapyd, we don’t penalize you for temporary spikes in traffic, and you have the freedom to scale your bandwidth up or down effortlessly, ensuring your site performs optimally even during peak traffic hours.

Managed, Not Micromanaged!

Your platform is unique, and your control over it should be too. Managed hosting shouldn’t mean your experience is micromanaged. We offer you the freedom to customize your site without limitations, providing server-compatible software and services that let you grow at your own pace.

Unwavering Support

For us, “Support” truly means supporting our customers, not keeping them waiting for days to receive answers. We redefine support by being proactive, not reactive. Our team is committed to resolving issues swiftly, doing our best to ensure your platform remains live and accessible 24/7. We don’t just answer tickets; we keep you running.

The Happy Pear: +200% Performance, 40% Lower Cost!

“Our monthly cost with Rapyd are 40% less than what we were paying with previous host and Rapyd provides so much more resources for that lower price. We’ve had a very hands-on experience with Rapyd support team. If we’ve had an issue, they’ve addressed it in the private channel directly and worked with us until it was resolved. “

David Flynn

Co-Founder & CEO

Meet The Leadership Team

At Rapyd, we’re a global family united by a shared passion for technology and innovation. Our diverse team is our greatest asset, driving us to create hosting solutions that empower you to achieve more.

Wes Tatters
Managing Director &
Infrastructure Architect

As the Managing Director & Infrastructure Architect, Wes Tatters demonstrates a deep understanding of customer needs, driving his unwavering dedication to delivering optimal solutions.

Ketan Chawda
Lead Developer & Architect

With a strong focus on delivering exceptional solutions, Ketan utilizes his expertise to guide our team. His proficiency in development and architecture ensures the successful implementation of projects, contributing to the overall success of our organization.

Phillip Bouchard
Customer Success Manager

Philip is driven by a deep commitment to helping our customers extract the maximum value from our products. Leading a team of experts, Philip ensures that you receive comprehensive guidance and ample resources throughout your journey.

Anand Agarwal
Technical Support Lead

With a deep product understanding and exceptional troubleshooting abilities, Anand efficiently tackles technical challenges faced by our customers, ensuring their utmost satisfaction.

Dario Ilić
Technical Support Lead

With his strong management skills and problem-solving prowess, Dario ensures that our customers receive the necessary support and timely assistance they require.

Alex Gil
Migrations Lead

With meticulous attention to detail and strong organizational skills, Alex ensures the smooth execution of data migrations and the successful integration of our solutions.

Vikrant Yadav
SysOps Lead

With meticulous attention to detail and a strong focus on efficiency, Vikrant ensures the seamless functioning of our infrastructure and the smooth delivery of services to our customers.

Alyssa Rae Suriba
Marketing Operations Manager

Alyssa, our skilled orchestrator of marketing initiatives, leads with precision and efficiency. She ensures the seamless execution of our day-to-day marketing operations, playing a vital role in driving the company’s overall growth.

Sherry Jane Cagara
Accounting Manager

Sherry safeguards our company’s financial integrity through meticulous management of operations. With a deep understanding of financial processes, she provides accurate insights, enabling informed decision-making and ensuring our organization’s sound financial health.

Agnes Cardo
HR Manager

Agnes oversees all aspects of our HR function, creating a positive work environment and nurturing our team’s growth. With expertise in talent acquisition, employee development, and company culture, she plays a pivotal role in our team’s well-being and professional development.

The Executive Team

Tom Cheddadi
Co-founder & CEO

Tom’s entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership guide the company’s trajectory and strategic approach. Fueled by a deep passion for innovation, he inspires and motivates the team to embrace change and pursue groundbreaking ideas.

Michael Eisenwasser
Co-founder & CPO

Michael leverages his technical expertise and strategic acumen to shape our technology roadmap and foster innovation. With a keen focus on technological excellence and a steadfast commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, he plays a pivotal role in driving our company’s growth and overall success.

Shelby Fernandes
Chief Operating Officer

With strong organizational skills and a results-oriented mindset, Shelby streamlines processes for efficiency and successful outcomes. His attention to detail plays a vital role in our overall achievements.

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