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Amplify your impact and earnings by becoming a Rapyd affiliate. Join us to earn up to $500 in
one-time commissions per sale and enjoy a continuous 10% recurring commission for each
successful referral. Start promoting Rapyd today and grow alongside us!

Endorse a Hosting Solution that Truly
Empowers Your Customers

Our monthly cost with Rapyd are 40% less than what we are paying with previous host, and Rapyd provides with so much more resources for that lower price so it really is good value.

I’ve shared my frustrations in the past so I think it’s only fair that I share my praises as well. I was with circle.so for a couple of years before switching to BuddyBoss almost

two years ago. I had a pretty badly configured setup during the first year so was excited to join the Beta for RAPYD once it was released. I’ve got to say that once I got on a plan that was more in line to what my site needed, I have seen a noticeable improvement on site performance. Great job to the BuddyBoss and Rapyd teams. Thanks!

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My Site live on Rapyd platform now! Moved from Vultr HF 48GBRAM/12vCPU Runcloud setup to Performance level 5 annual plan. The results are impressive compared to my previous

hosting. Hoping to move to a server closer to my location when and if it becomes available going forward. A big thanks to BuddyBoss Rapyd team for the smooth migration and patiently answering all my queries. Tom 0 Cheddadi, Graham Hoffman Wes Tatters your support folks are awesome. Special thanks to Tanvir and Sudhir from your team for all the great support.

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Rapyd set up on my site!
I’ve now got Rapyd for my BuddyBoss site. I’ve noticed large increases in speed compared to my previous (CloudWays Vultr High-Frequency) hosting

for the same price.
Big thank you!

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My monthly bill has been typically $130-$170/mo with AWS + RunCloud. I moved to Rapyd Startup Level 1 ($84/mo) now and the results for the speed test are nearly

identical, with Rapyd out-performing my AWS setup by a small margin in a few categories. Wes has, literally, outdone himself. In a competition against himself, he won.

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Switched one of my BB Apps over to Rapyd, it’s working so well, that I forgot I even switched. There are no glitches, the migration term had it switched over in one day, for me and my

experience, the $200 a month I pay for Rapyd, is $130 per month less than what I would would have had to pay to stay with the AWS setup that I had at the time. Just to have basic server coverage with the new security, and not to mention the auto scaling. I highly recommend.

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Astounding Performance!
Astounding! When compared to Kinsta and Pressable, the same site on Rapyd is not only in a different league, it’s pushing interstellar travel

in a different galaxy. I have done zero optimization to the migrated site on Rapyd. For the BuddyBoss Members page, compared Kinsta Premium Staging to Rapyd using GTMetrix: D –> A Switching from your present managed hosting provider to Rapyd will instantaneously give you a competitive edge; that is, until your competitors find out–shhhhhh!

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Intuitive and efficient
We have consistently chosen Apple products for their straightforward, user-friendly, and effective design. Similarly, Rapyd has demonstrated

these exact qualities. The platform is intuitive, efficient, and excels at its intended functions. Since transitioning to Rapyd, we have discovered that it fulfills all our needs, reinforcing our decision to invest in this change.

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Estimate Your Continuous
Passive Income

Discover your potential earnings as a Rapyd Affiliate within one year
by incorporating your anticipated referrals.

This graph showcases the monthly growth of your income, based on your selections.


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Your estimated total passive income is calculated based on the
number and types of plans you refer each month, taking into
account our low churn rate.

Leverage the Rapyd Affiliate
Program: Your Gateway to Stable
Passive Income

Everlasting Monthly Earnings

Rapyd provides Lifetime Monthly Payments with a 10% recurring commission, starting from the second month. Customers rarely leave, making recurring commissions valuable.

Extended Conversion Interval

We understand that the user journey can be extensive. To ensure you receive proper credit for the sale, we offer 60-day tracking cookies and last-touch attribution.

Competitive Commissions

Earn generous commissions for every successful referral. The more customers you bring, the more you earn – it’s that simple!

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Promotional Resources

Access tons of promotional materials, such as banners, text links, and engaging content, to effectively market our hosting services to your audience.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay informed with real-time tracking of your referrals and earnings. Our transparent reporting system allows you to monitor your performance effortlessly.

Dedicated Support

We provide our affiliates with dedicated support to assist you at every step of the way. From marketing materials to tracking tools, we’ve got you covered.

Who can Benefit from Rapyd’s
Affiliate Program?

Rapyd Customers

Earn by introducing your network to the superior capabilities of Rapyd’s ultimate hosting services.

It’s simpler than you imagine! As a Rapyd customer, all it takes is one straightforward step to register and gain automatic approval. To commence earning through referrals, you can:

  • Circulate your affiliate link via email, social media post or instant messaging apps.
  • Display a “Hosted by Rapyd” banner with an embedded affiliate link on your website.
  • Incorporate an affiliate link in your review of Rapyd’s services.

Community Platforms

Enjoy the confidence of recommending top-tier managed hosting services to your community members and subscribers, all while augmenting your revenue with steady commissions. All you need to do is add a trackable link! To get started with Rapyd’s affiliate program, here’s what you can do:

  • Feature Rapyd as a suggested managed hosting provider on your platform
  • Include an affiliate link when endorsing Rapyd in your community platform content.
  • Try out Rapyd’s managed hosting services for free and demonstrate our top-of-the-line platform to your community members.
  • Insert a trackable link when sharing our professionally written managed hosting articles.

Content Creators

Supercharge your monthly passive income with referral commissions from Rapyd’s affiliate services. Benefit from our custom banners, select promotional materials, and insightful tips designed to elevate your earnings. For content creators aligning with Rapyd, here’s your roadmap to generating revenue:

  • Try out Rapyd’s services at no cost and share your insights through a review or comparison blog.
  • Ensure earnings by adding a trackable link when distributing our specialized knowledge-based articles.
  • Feature Rapyd as an essential element in your blog articles.


Unlock additional revenue streams with effortless steps modified for your software development routine. Our affiliate program at Rapyd is exclusively created for developers aiming to generate a sustainable passive income. Here’s how you can kickstart your earnings:

  • Explore Rapyd’s services at no expense and share your insights through a review.
  • Promote Rapyd to your network, using your distinctive affiliate link.
  • Implant your affiliate link on your website’s “Empowered by Rapyd” banner for increased visibility.
  • Exploit the opportunity for manual referrals by connecting with our dedicated affiliate team.

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Passive Income in Just a Couple

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Create impactful affiliate links with our versatile resources: banners, deals, and seasonal campaigns. Refer clients to our site using custom codes and links, and optimize for better conversions. Earn more effortlessly!

Earn Regularly

Earn commissions instantly when purchases are made through your link or code, with the potential for one-time and recurring earnings based on the sales.

Start Making Passive Income

Hit “Sign Up” and become a Rapyd Affiliate today! For any additional queries, browse
through our FAQ section below or get in touch with our affiliate team directly at
[email protected].


How Do I Join Rapyd?

Get started by creating an affiliate account with Rapyd, and our team will promptly review your application within a few hours of submission.

How Do I Create My Affiliate Link?

Access your Rapyd affiliate dashboard, click “+ New link,” paste any desired Rapyd website URL, and hit “Add”.

My Referral Was Not Tracked After Making It, What Should I Do?

After making a referral with Rapyd, please note that it might take a few hours for it to be visible on the affiliate dashboard. To check your conversions, log in and navigate to the ‘Referrals’ section.

In case you don’t see your referral after a few hours, don’t worry. You can claim it by reaching out to [email protected] within 14 days from the subscription date. We understand that sometimes clients might not use the affiliate link correctly or encounter disruptions in the process. Rest assured, you just need to provide us with the necessary information, and we’ll gladly assist you further to ensure you receive proper credit for the sale.

What is The Earning Per Referral?

Affiliates will earn both a one-time commission of $50 to $500 per sale and an additional 10% lifetime recurring commission.

Revenue in the first two months (one-time qualification period) is calculated by taking the yearly payment, then dividing it by 12 months and multiplying by 2 months. After the qualification period, it will be computed monthly.

Here are the one-time commission tiers:

  • Less than $50: $0 commission
  • $50 – $100: $50 commission
  • $101 – $150: $100 commission
  • $151 – $500: $150 commission
  • $501 – $1,000: $250 commission
  • $1,001 or higher: $500 commission
Recurring Commission 
  • 10% lifetime recurring commissions.
  • The recurring commission starts after month 2.

When Can I Expect to Receive My Commission?

Your commissions will be eligible for payout once they have been active for 60 days (2 full paid billing cycles after the $1 trial). Payouts for eligible conversions will occur on the following 15th. Don’t forget to add a valid payment method to ensure smooth fund transfers.

Which Payment Options are Available for Receiving Payouts?

Payment of commissions is primarily done through PayPal. However, if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can opt for a Wire Transfer payout, provided your approved commissions amount to $3,000 or more.

Am I Allowed to Refer to Myself as A Rapyd Customer?

Regrettably, self-referring is not permissible when signing up as a Rapyd customer to be eligible for commissions. However, we offer numerous methods to promote Rapyd.cloud and generate referrals that can lead to recurring earnings each month.

Where can I Locate the Rapyd Affiliate Program’s Terms of Service?

Before joining the Rapyd affiliate program, be sure to read our Terms of Service thoroughly. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

If My Customer Upgrades Their Plan, Will My Recurring Commission Increase?

Absolutely! Your recurring commission will be adjusted accordingly. Anytime your customer upgrades, downgrades, or makes changes to their plan, your commission will be equivalent to 10% of the new plan’s price.

Do I need to be a Rapyd customer to be an Affiliate?

Not at all! However, you’re missing out on some seriously awesome premium hosting services if you don’t give them a try!