The Highest Performance Managed
WordPress Hosting on the Planet.

Many hosting providers claim to have the best performance. But when you add dynamic
features and high concurrency, website performance suffers. Rapyd keeps your feature-rich
websites fast and responsive, even during periods of very high traffic.


The Prime Hosting Solution for Dynamic WordPress
powered websites that run plugins like these.

Through-The-Roof Performance

The Rapyd platform provides unmatched performance for your
dynamic WordPress sites.



High Performance

LiteSpeed Enterprise Servers outperform all
alternative Web Servers when running dynamic,
high concurrency websites.


High Performance

MariaDB enhances query speed and site responsiveness. Its data integrity ensures consistent performance, while optimized engines enable swift data access, ideal for dynamic WordPress needs.



LiteSpeed Cache optimizes website load times by
caching dynamic content and providing server-
level caching.


Complex Database
Query Caching

Caches complex database queries, making
dynamic WordPress sites load faster and
reducing server load.


Web Application

Protects your websites from malicious attacks,
such as SQL injection, XSS, DDoS attacks.


High Performance

A high-performance PHP execution engine that
enhances the performance of WordPress

A Dynamic Platform

Experience seamless, real-time resource
adjustment and network management, enabling
your digital growth without performance

Free Object Cache Pro Save $95/mo

Object Cache Pro lightens the workload of your
database and server hardware by intelligently
grouping tasks together, making your
applications run faster and smoother.

Coming Soon

Free Rapyd CDN

Enhance your website’s performance by delivering content rapidly to your visitors, regardless of their global location. Enjoy quicker load times, reduced bandwidth usage, and heightened user experience.

Performance Boosts

Anticipating a short-term traffic surge? Don’t upgrade your plan – opt for a performance boost instead. We’ll ensure your website handles the rush with ease.

Redis Caching with Relay Save $147+/mo

Relay, a cutting-edge PHP caching layer, outpaces traditional Redis™ clients. Doubling as an in-memory cache, it optimizes speed while conserving resources. Designed for scalability, Relay offers a concurrent, lock-free API, surpassing Redis™ limitations.

Empower Your Workflow: Harness
the Simplicity and Power of Your
Rapyd Dashboard

Launch performance-optimized websites in a few clicks and effortlessly
scale, adjust and monitor.

  • 1-Click Staging
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Advanced Server Tools
  • Free Migration Service

One-Click Staging

Test changes to your codebase effortlessly
with easy staging and push capabilities.

Secure File Management

SFTP access and key pair creation tools enable secure file transfer and management.

Easy Database Management

Manage your website’s database directly from the Rapyd dashboard with phpMyAdmin.

Team Management

Collaborate in real-time on the same interface and set specific user rules and permissions.

Stats Monitoring

Monitor your website and server, including storage, traffic, CPU and RAM usage, effortlessly from one place.

Backup & Restore

Create backups, restore previous versions, and rollback changes in just a few clicks.

File Manager

Enjoy simple website management thanks to the integrated File Manager.

Domain Management

Take the stress out of domain management with integrated custom and vanity domain tools.

Effortless WordPress Site

Integrated WordPress tools allow you to control, and optimize your
WordPress sites, directly from your Rapyd Dashboard.

Revert to previous
WP versions

Use version management to test updates and easily revert to previous versions, minimizing website errors and downtime.

Keep themes up
to date

Effortlessly manage theme updates, view and update to the latest version with WordPress Theme Management.

Rollback WordPress plugins & more

Easily activate, deactivate, update, or rollback WordPress plugins with Plugin Management.


View PHP errors, notices, and warnings, aiding developers in identifying and resolving issues.

BuddyBoss App Management

Manage and develop BuddyBoss Apps directly from your Rapyd dashboard.


Delve deep into your site’s backend with powerful command-line tools. Whether you’re performing routine tasks or advanced operations, WP-CLI & SSH make it smooth and efficient.

Prioritizing Security at
Every Layer

Embrace our proactive multi-layered defense strategy, reflecting Rapyd’s
unwavering commitment to your digital safety and optimal performance.

Firewall Protection

Defend your website against cyber threats with our advanced firewall protection, ensuring that sensitive data and information remain secure.

Application Containerization

Benefit from complete isolation of your data and applications, ensuring both maximum security and uncompromised performance.

Repel big attacks with
Advanced DDoS Protection

Stay online even during the most intense distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks with our anti-DDoS measures, ensuring uninterrupted access to your website for your visitors.

Proactive Vulnerability Detection

Identify and address potential risks in WordPress core, plugins, and themes ahead of public disclosure, safeguarding your site’s integrity, thanks to our partnership with PatchStack.

Virtual Patching for Enhanced Security

Benefit from automatic virtual patches and firewall measures for discovered vulnerabilities, ensuring your site remains secure until an official update is released, thanks to our partnership with PatchStack.

Proactive & Automatic Malware Protection

Guard your site with automated defenses that preemptively ward off malicious threats, ensuring consistent site safety, thanks to our partnership with Monarx.

Exceptional Support, Powered by
WordPress Experts

Around-the-clock support from experts who know your needs best.

Dedicated Account Manager

Receive tailored support with an expert who understands your unique needs. Prompt solutions and personalized advice ensure a seamless WordPress experience.

24/7/365 Live Chat Support

Day or night, our support team is just a click away. Get real-time assistance for all your queries from WordPress experts whenever you need it, all year round.

Support Level Upgrades

At Rapyd, we recognize that different projects have unique needs. You can easily elevate the standard support that comes with your plan to a level that aligns with your demands.

Discover the tailored support options and find the perfect fit for your project.

WordPress Experts on Demand

Whenever you’re faced with a challenge, our seasoned WordPress professionals are ready to assist. Tap into expert advice and solutions, tailored to your unique needs.

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